The most Revolutionary act is Love in our age of quarrel.

In our age of quarrel the most Revolutionary act is Love ❀️ kindness and charity. I have committed the holy trinity of offenses tonight with meeting a brilliant painter, educator πŸ‘©‍🏫 husband, father, musician and radio host with 97 Rock here in Buffalo, NY. His name is Patrick John Baase his DOB is 12/19/1963 which makes him 20,631 days exploration of our beloved beautiful earth 🌎 but as I approached Patrick, he appears hungry, cold πŸ₯Ά as it’s 51 degrees Fahrenheit and homeless along the side of the highway πŸ›£ on Niagara Street in Buffalo, NY. Pride and Honour is the only thing stopping Beautiful souls like Patrick’s from reaching their destiny and life goals for what Patrick needed that moment was someone to say I see you πŸ‘€ I am you. As I drove past Patrick I noticed in my rear view mirror my gigantic sign that SCREAMS...WHY AM I HERE? Every block I drove away from Patrick made me sadder, Until at my street corner I turned around and had to go speak with this soul as he looked like Jesus to me standing in the cold πŸ₯Ά along the side of the highway. (I would normally drive on and try to forget what I saw) but with all the hate and divisiveness in recent days I have been putting myself into everyone I see and asking myself WHY AM I HERE? I feel god answered that question by putting Patrick on that thruway Exit 7. I talked for 22 minutes he revealed calming knowledge and wisdom the same I was just looking from my father who’s house 🏑 I just came from but is suffering from the worsening of Dementia, which is getting much worse. My father is starting to have violent outbursts. For what I was thinking when I drove past Patrick was I wish someone would help me and just listen to me. So I did return to Patrick hoping that by helping this poor soul my own pain and sorrow would subside, and the more Patrick said to me the more my sorrows faded. After telling me an amazing life story Patrick was very proud to ask for money so he asked me if I had work for him. I asked him if he was hungry, he replied NO. I asked if he had a place to sleep 😴 he said yes. But yet again  prevented from revealing the truth. My inner intuition which I coin “THE RED BARON” kicked in of fighting to make sure the soul that stood absolute ascending in front of me was elevated by our exchange of brotherhood. I had given him $22 dollars πŸ’΅ and asked if he would like to be written about. He was overcome with humble emotions that where beautiful to behold of a stranger you just met 22 minutes prior. Patrick is told that he will be remembered and his struggles are worthy of praise with a future full of HEALTH, HOPE and HAPPINESS. I told Patrick he will Be remembered putting a smile πŸ˜€ on his face that filled my heart ♥️ and ended my day with eternal joy, answering the question of “Why am I here?” I will Be contacting the homeless centers in my city πŸŒƒ and move Forward fearlessly upon the Eternal Mountain πŸ” ***333*** MIND***BODY***SPIRIT***Sunday June 14th 2020 Sjöfn Wulf.