Memorial Day May 25th 2020

Looking backwards and Moving forward this Memorial Day 

Monday May 25th 2020

As President Trump placed the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, General Jack Keane (Retired) Four Star General replied “I talk to them, I think that’s the best way to deal with it” regarding dealing with the loss of a fallen Warrior and countryman. General Keane’s response reminded me of a wanderer that took the time to behold his fellow mans Charity, US Marine Sgt DD Williams and beautiful blue eyed Nala 

at the Tesla Monument in Niagara Falls, NY for my fathers 82nd Birthday πŸŽ‚ on this past day of Love’s Ascension. Blue Eyes πŸ‘€ Nala took quite a liking to my father! General Keane’s comment is taken further with my Will, as I believe we should talk to our fellow man NOW while our countrymen are still alive and willing to take the time to see why a perfect stranger made signs that SCREAM ... WHY AM I HERE? their are beautiful souls in this world 🌍 always listen to your inner voice as it NEVER guides you wrong. 

When I was 18 I almost went into the Air Force but decided to go into tool and die making / QA Machinist in the private sector. I was always years ahead with math in school 🏫 so I excelled in the Mechanical Technology field. These Warriors have my great respect to go fight and die for their country or to return with SHELL SHOCK / PTSD and to suffer in silence as your country deny basic Medical πŸ₯ care or treated like criminals for doing your job. This to me is the highest sacrifice and these patriots never get recognized the way they deserve. Over the last two months I’ve spoke with incredible veterans. One airplane ✈️ mechanic 🧰 in Pearl Harbor that is 97 years old. I must have a old soul as I was talking to this gentleman for over an hour and were as if two friends πŸ‘« were talking shop. I have not done that trade for 30 years. To actually be on the ship 🚒 working with the same titanium I used to as the Kamikaze fighters delivered death πŸ’€from above...

Last but not least I remember my Grandfather, Staff Sargent Joseph Christopher today for Petunias planted outside his barracks waiting for deployment in Washington from 1942-1945 that went on to have the family restaurant called “Mrs. Kisis” named after my Grandmother for the pies she used to make and I remember my grandfather giving me and Grandma NY Strip Steak πŸ₯© ironic that our family Essence is given to Unconditional Love ❀️ Thank You πŸ™ for your service. I will Remember your sacrifice and Patriotism.